Our Services

We are a self-care studio that offers chiropractic and massage therapy through a holistic and body-affirming lens.

What We Treat

At Flourish, we have a mission to help boost your energy while relieving stress and tension through soft tissue work & chiropractic treatments.

  • Headaches
  • Neck pain
  • Acceleration/Deceleration Injuries, such as Whiplash
  • Posture Improvement
  • Body Awareness
  • Wellness Reset
  • Lifting injuries
  • Back pain
  • Shoulder dysfunction
  • Repetitive Stress Injuries
  • Tension from Stress, Anxiety, and/or Depression
  • Injury from Motor Vehicle Collision or Pedestrian Car Accident

Most Common Disorders In The Patients We Treat

Pain Management

Back and Neck Pain
Soothe your spine with targeted therapies designed to alleviate back and neck discomfort.

Repetitive Stress Injuries
Ease the strain of repetitive motions with specialized care for injuries like carpal tunnel syndrome.

Injury Treatment & Rehabilitation

Accident Recovery
Reclaim your mobility and comfort after accidents with personalized rehabilitation plans.

Sports Injuries
Get back to the game stronger with our expert treatments for sports-related injuries.

Stress & Tension Relief

Body Tension
Unwind and release deep-seated tension with therapies that relax both body and mind.

Stress and Anxiety
Find your peace through holistic approaches aimed at reducing stress and enhancing mental well-being.

Preventive Care & Well-being

Preventive Treatments
Stay ahead of injuries with preventive care designed to keep you moving freely.

Overall Well-being
Enhance your overall health with comprehensive wellness programs tailored to nourish body and soul.

Hybrid Treatments

Whether you have a sports injury like tendinitis of the hip, stress-induced neck or low back pain, or a repetitive stress injury like carpal tunnel syndrome, we can help you understand what is going on and what you can do to heal yourself faster.

The flourish hybrid treatments can also be used as a way to reduce total body tension, stress and anxiety.

Every Case Is Unique

If you’re new to the area and are looking to continue your care with one on one sessions with your Chiropractor or Massage Therapist, we would love to be considered to help you on your wellness journey.

Each individual case is unique, and we can help find the right course for you.


Treatments performed by Chiropractors

  • Examination and/or Referral,
  • Chiropractic & Focused Muscle Work: helps joints move better by lengthening and strengthening surrounding tissue
  • Chiropractic & Cupping: helps improve circulation and relieves tissue tension
  • Car accident evaluation & treatment
massage rocks

Treatments performed by Licensed Massage Therapists

  • Deep tissue massage
  • Hot stone massage
  • Intraoral massage for TMD/TMJ
  • Medical Massage
  • CBD Massage

Each individual case is unique, and we can help find the right course for you.

Heal, Grow, Thrive!

Our mission is your wellness: Flourish with personalized chiropractic, massage, and yoga-inspired care that nurtures your journey to heal, grow, and thrive.

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